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And I want to say here's to me go and change the world

And I'm holding tight to that night we had a ball

30 December 1989
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My name is Gemma and this is me smiling ;)


I love to act, it's my biggest passion in life. It makes me very happy.
I love music.
My favorite band are these guys below..


They hold a special place in my heart and music life that no-one else could ever fill. I've been in love with kol since the early days going right back to songs like Trani and Spiral Staircase right up to Cold Desert and Crawl and everything else in between and still loving the old sound just as much as the new sound. I love it all basically, literally all of their back catalogue because you see, to me these guys are a way of life. And a world without them would simply be a mistake, so I am thrilled they are around and make the amazing music they do. Makes me one very happy girl!! :)

I love to write, that ranges from poems to songs to anything. Lyrics mean a lot to me, I write lots of those, it's nice to express it that way and I just really enjoy it. Always have had a talent for doing that, not sure where it came from but it comes pretty easy to me.

I love the sunshine and wine and beer. I like to drink! I like to smoke! and I like to interrupt! haha I just love life basically, you only live once and it's far too short as it is so make the most of it and go for your dreams. :)